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The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern Posted on Book Chelle.The first thing I will say about about this book is it is one of the best books that I have read from a debut author. The amazing story, world, and characters that Erin Morganstern has created is simply magical. There is no other way to say it. Everything about this book is worth all the hype and buzz that has generated around it."The Circus arrives without warning."Set in the early 1900s, The Night Circus pits two magicians against each other. Le Cirque de Reves is the circus of dreams, travelling from town to town without any proper warning. No announcements, no notices. The circus is beautiful and creepy, where the magic is real. The circus is the main character of the show, and definitely does a fantastic job at stealing the spotlight.Morgenstern tells the tale of Celia and Marco, two young children who were bound together by an oath made between two rivals, Prospero the Enchanter and Mr. A H-, who are magicians themselves. While Prospero believes that magic is an innate talent, Mr A H- believes it is a matter of teaching it to someone with intelligence. Prospero has chosen his newly discovered daughter, Celia, who holds so much raw talent. Mr. A H- has chosen Marco, an orphan boy who is intelligent enough to absorb what is about to be taught to him.As they grow older, Celia and Marco do not know about the game, about each other, or about the stakes made. Like they are bound, they are pitted against each other in this mysterious battle. I love Celia's tenacity, but soft spoken demeanor. She was easy to relate to, even from an early age. Marco took a while for me to warm up to him. I felt that he was a little aggressive in everything that he did.As each chapter progresses, it becomes clear that the circus is the battle ground, and quickly becomes one of the main characters. With each challenge, there is an answer from both Celia and Marco, but it slowly involves others. The supporting characters in this book will add to the appeal of the story. Widget, Poppet, and even Bailey, whom you will get to know later on, are three of my favorites in the book. But really, everyone was wonderful in this book.The Night Circus is structured in a very different way. There are short chapters that will both captivate you and confuse you. Let go of your normal methods, and give in to the magic of The Night Circus. It does not go in any particular order. So while you read each chapter, you will be quickly be mesmerized by the marvels, the details, and the plots that are revealed.Morgenstern is a wonderful story teller. I loved this book so much. I love how the first few sentences of a chapter transport you to another place. The details of the circus is so amazing, that I wish it was real. Things like the ice garden, the house of mirrors, or even the costumes worn. The Night Circus provides constant stimulation, that I believe. It was magic realism at its finest.There were a few moments when I wanted to give up. While reading the beginning stages of the book, it was oddly confusing. A few subplots felt forced and some characters, I felt, shouldn't have had a big part as they did. I wish that Morgenstern described a few details more in depth.The Night Circus will stay in your hearts forever. If not for the story between Celia and Marco, but for the love of the circus itself. I suggest for everyone to read this. You will not regret it.