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A Beautiful Dark - Jocelyn Davies Posted on Book Chelle.Jocelyn Davies tells the tale of seventeen year old Skye Parker, in A Beautiful Dark. In Davies debut story, I was introduced to Skye on the eve of her seventeenth birthday. All she planned is to spend a quiet, uneventful night with her two best friends, Cassie and Dan. But of course, that wasn't the case.Cassie and Dan, like the previous year (all every year prior to that), threw Skye a surprise party. Nothing but their closest and dearest friends, packed into their favorite coffeehouse, listening to their second favorite band. For Cassie and Dan, they want the best for Skye. And they want Skye to celebrate her birthday, not mourn the death of her parents. Even though Skye's parents died when she was young, she was loved by Aunt Jo, her legal guardian and her mom's best friend. Aunt Jo loved her so much that she gave Skye a normal life.As normal as it can ever get.On the same night as Skye's birthday, she encounters a stranger outside the coffee shop. Mistaken for a party-goer, Skye seemed to recognize him, but just could not place where from. And to make things even interesting, stranger had a cousin and were both looking for her. From that moment on, Skye's life was opened to the secrets that was unbeknownst to her, introducing her to two guys that will change her life forever.Davies writes Skye so well and so easy to relate to that I feel like I am one of her best friends. Skye's voice is definitive in this book. She is strong character and she knows what she wants, despite of the questions that she may have of her past and herself. She is tasked with impossible choices, one that she will have to live with for the rest of her life.Davies writes about a lot of choices in this book. A Beautiful Dark does a great job of showcasing the choices that are so common to us, but spun in a different way. Skye's choice between control and living as life comes. Skye's choice between the boy she can't help falling for or the one she can't stay away from. Skye's choice between a different set of powers and rules.In this book, Davies also introduces us to some amazing supporting characters. Asher and Devin, in my opinion, are the epitome of two sides of your heart. On one hand, you have love that is uninhabited, compulsive, and so free. And on the other hand, you have love that is controlled, dependent, and connected. As the same for Skye, I was given a choice of who I preferred.There were a few times when I could not stay focused on the book. I was not sure if my mind was not in the right frame of mine to read, or if the book was losing my interest. While love was a good-sized topic in the book, there were a lot of people who came into play into the love triangle (but probably more like an octagon). Despite that, the writing was real, raw, and creative. And it wasn't until the last third of the book where the real "meat" of the story gets good. But the ending, will definitely have you wishing for more.I will definitely be looking forward to the release of the second book. I want to know what happens. Cliffhanger alert.I suggest A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies, a great read for the upcoming fall season.