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Two Moon Princess - Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban Posted on Book Chelle.What girl doesn't want to become a princess? Andrea is the youngest princess; a princess who would rather become a squire than a lady. She resists all expectations as the youngest daughter of the King and Queen, and escapes to explore with her horse, Flecha. Upon one of her adventures, she stumbles upon a door to a different world, California. You see, she comes from a land where there are two moons and much different than California, today. Could a princess from another world survive in California? What would the repercussions be when she goes back to her world? Would this adventure be worth everything that has been granted to her?When I first read this book, it immediately brought me back to when I was in elementary school, reading under the covers with a flashlight. The story is well written and simple enough for a young teen, but enticing enough for an adult like me. It brought a fresh look at the adventurous princess that I have not seen in a long time. To me, I can categorize this with the likes of "Island of the Blue Dolphin" or even "The Bridge to Terabithia." The story is easy to pick up and easy for it to grab you. There are a few parts in the book where I was a little confused with where the plot was going. For a chapter or two of the book, I did not like Andrea. I felt that she was missing the lessons that she should have been learning. But doesn't that happen to most rebellious princesses? At the end, it made me want to read more. I finished this book until the wee hours of the morning, and I thought about it again when I woke up. It is definitely worth the read.