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Finnikin of the Rock - Melina Marchetta Posted on Book Chelle.I believe that Marchetta writes stories that mesmerize you. She puts you in her trance and let's you follow along like a pied piper. There are a few authors that I love, and Marchetta has quickly made her way into my heart.Finnikin of the Rock is my second Marchetta book, and I felt that since I loved Jellicoe Road so much, there wouldn't be anything that could rival how I feel. I was wrong.Finnikin of the Rock is a world filled with magic and lore. It is filled with wonder and fantasy that makes it possible to believe in. Finnikin of the Rock is the story that made its way into my heart, along with each word, each chapter, each page, and each character. The world that was created and each detailed scene adds to the story. It's like I'm watching the story unfold with myself in the background.To say this is masterpiece would do it injustice.Finnikin of the Rock is an epic journey of a young man, who is destined to help bring Lumatere's people back from exile. Finnikin is the childhood friend of the crowned prince, Balthazar and son of the captain of the guard. He was warned that he was to sacrifice a pound of flesh to save the royal house of Lumatere. Then the five days of the unspeakable happen, when the royal family is murdered. See? Epic.Ten years later, Finnikin has been wandering the lands, searching for anyone who survived the five days of the unspeakable. Along with his mentor, Sir Topher, they work towards recording the deaths and improving the conditions of those who were exiled. Finnikin is summoned to another rock, where he meets Evanjalin, who says she knows where Balthazar is. Together, they are to seek out others who could help bring the people of Lumatere out of exile.Finnikin is the boy who could. After the tragedy of the five days of the unspeakable, he continued on, learning as much as he can to help bring back his people. His determination and loyalty is something that I covet. It's like that movie, Rudy. He never gave up, despite the obstacles and challenges that he met. The way Marchetta built his character was simply amazing. He was strong, weak, smart, and witty. While he had determination, he also had guilt. There was a fire that breathed in him that you couldn't help but love.I loved Evanjalin. Her story broke me into a million pieces and her hope mended it with the passion that she showed. She was beautiful even before I knew what she looked like. While she seemed guarded, it was nice to see a vulnerable side around Finnikin. She was well developed and felt so real. I loved her like one of my own. Her stories will make you cry, but her passion will give you strength. She really is a remarkable character. Marchetta blew me away with this book. I could never have imagined to be brought into a world just like this one. The kingdom, the past, the people, the all was so well developed and well written. Once you read this, you will understand. There is a realism in her writing that allows you to get lost in her breath-taking world. And the emotions that you will feel! She brought me on the verge of tears every few pages. I swear, every chapter had that moment where you felt your heart ache with that warmth of emotion.Words cannot express how amazing this book is. Another example of why I love to read. There is an empowerment in her writing and in her characters. There is a sense of pride that resonates throughout the book that has you thinking about it for days. Marchetta said it best when she said, "Because without our language, we have lost ourselves. Who are we without our words."