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68 Knots: A Novel - Michael Robert  Evans Posted on Book Chelle.Each parent only wants the best for their child. When their child is ending their teen years and about to graduate high school, they would hope that they, as a parent, have prepared them enough. Some, though, need a little extra push. Enter McKinley and his promise to take their child into the seven seas and bring them back as an adult.What starts as a voyage with and agenda quickly turns into a sail by the seat of your pants adventure. With eight kids, what are the chances for survival out on the dangerous waters? Throughout this book, that's what we find out. Each one of the members of the schooner Dreadnaught go through their own test of adulthood.It was a coming-of-age that disguised itself as an adventure story. See how sneaky the author was? At first, I didn't think I would like it. Some of the characters were not appealing to me. The scenarios were hard to accept. There was something about the beginning that I could not connect with. Naturally, I was resisting accepting the story. As the story continued, and the adventure unfolded, I slowly learned to like each character. By about halfway through the book, I was hooked. It was full speed ahead, and an hour later, book finished. But isn't that the nature of a good author? They write the characters well enough that the progression of character development is enough for you to hate them, then love them? Good book for the young adult population.