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The Sportsman - Dhani Jones, Jonathan Grotenstein Posted on Book Chelle.Dhani Jones caught my eye when he played for the Eagles. There was something about him that just stood out. Maybe it was his confidence. Maybe it was even his unique look. Either way, there was something about him that had me remembering his name. When Dhani Jones became a host to his own show, Dhani Tackles the Globe, on the Travel Channel, I had to watch it. Let me tell you, it was not your average travel show. He took travelling to another level and tied it in with athleticism. Usually, when you think of travel, do you automatically think of sports? I don't. I usually think of food, fashion, or culture. Sports? Hardly ever unless it's something related to the Olympics. So when I saw Jones' book, The Sportsman, I just had to read it. If this book was going to reflect how he played and how he traveled, then I would most likely enjoy it.Jones takes us on a journey throughout his life. He starts in Maryland and explains the basic foundation of his family, his life, and his whole being. Like many of us, it all starts at the beginning. Jones talks about his beliefs, his philosophies, and the way he lives his life. And from beginning to the end of The Sportsman, he lives life through them. Jones brings us through the start of his NFL career with the NY Giants. He talks about the lessons learned of feeling young, bright, and successful. He then tells us of humbling down when he was released from the Philadelphia Eagles, and then to the reserved life he currently lives with the Cincinnati Bengals. It does not stop there. He brings us along with him as he travels the world for Dhani Tackles the Globe. He speaks of the cultural eye openers as he travels from country to country, learning about the national sports, the cultural diversities, and breaking down stereotypes. And you know what? He brings it all back with his beliefs and philosophies, tying it all together.The title of Dhani Jones' book may be The Sportsman, but he writes more than just sports. His well written words come with a sharp wit. He makes you laugh about his struggles and when you're not looking, he sneaks in a life lesson. This book is not all about athletics or playbooks, nor is it just for the sports aficionado. It is for anyone who wants to learn how to build foundations and live through life seeing how the world is connecting in ways you cannot imagine.