Book Chelle

Learning Curves - Elyse Mady I was in the mood for a little romance, and luckily, I received this ARC just in time. Book readers, I know you understand it when I say that sometimes, you just want something a little on the tall, dark, and dreamy side. Yes?Leanne Galloway is the workaholic that almost every woman I know represents. She works hard and sacrifices a lot to obtain her academic and career goals. She has put a lot on the line to further her career. Leanne is working towards completing her doctoral studies and hopes to win the prestigious award, the Walter's Prize. Even though, to me, Leanne seems like a brainiac, she is easy to relate to.Her cousin, childhood nemesis, and bane of Leanne's existence, Gillian has guilt-tripped her into going to her bachelorette party. And where else would you go to for a bachelorette party? Why a strip club of course!Enter Brandon Myles. Hot male exotic dancer turned backstage manager for the Fox's Den. While he is not directing and managing the dancers, he studies and strives towards his college goals.On the same night of Gillian's bachelorette party, one of Brandon's dancers doesn't show up, forcing Brandon to take the stage. While he is performing, fate takes over and he makes an immediate connection with Leanne. The events that lead them in a chance meeting backstage further feeds the spark. Leanne and Brandon feel that connection and have a hot and steamy backstage rendezvous. And from that moment on, neither one of their lives is the same.The beginning of the book starts with a one night stand. While it seems that is the end of the tale, Mady brings you deeper into the characters' lives, allowing for roles to have more depth. The voice of the book was a little off at first, but as the story unfolds, it is more defined.There were a few things in the plot that bothered me. For one thing, there was extensive talk about Leanne's academic life. The details were a little too detailed and I would just skim through everything. Learning Curves is a perfect example of the physical and emotional connection between two people. I felt that most scenes were paced well and not rushed at all. While there were a few scenes that I skimmed over, I made sure to read the steamy romantic scenes. Mady does a great job of writing the passion between Leanne and Brandon. There weren't any unobtainable positions, situations, or anything that just makes it unrealistic. If I didn't know any better, I would say Mady experienced everything first hand, because it was that believable. For those who would curl up and enjoy a good romance, grab your preferred beverage and read this book today.