Book Chelle

Tell Me More - Janet Mullany There was something about the cover and the synopsis that had me looking forward to this read. After reading a certain amount of another genre, I was ready for a romance. While the story of Jo, Patrick, and Mr. D were great in theory, I felt there was something with the progression that had me longing for more. I could relate to Jo, and who she was a as a person, but I could not relate to how infatuated she was with someone she never met or didn't completely know. That could just be me and who I am, and not necessarily about the writer and the character she has created. The story progression though. Things were too intense in the short amount of time that they were happening in. To me, it felt like I was playing catch up with what was going on, with my emotions right behind me. I yearned for Patrick and I hated Mr. D. But most of all, I sympathized with Jo and her struggles to find out who she was.Also, what did her miscarriage have anything to do with the story? It was thrown in there, but I didn't feel the natural connection to the story or where the characters were in that point of the story.The scenes were great, but after that I ended up skimming to the steamy parts.