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Ultraviolet - R.J. Anderson Posted on Book Chelle.I must say, this is one of the most well written books that I have read in a really long time. It grabs you and takes you in like no other book you've read in a while. Ultraviolet had me thinking about the story non-stop since I started to read it. Anderson wrote so well that her characters and story had me compelled to write about it right away. I usually like to wait a little while until I write the review, but not for Ultraviolet. Alison Jeffries has always felt like she didn't belong. She didn't belong in her family when she realized at a young age that she could see things that no one else could. She didn't belong in school when she understood that she had different traits than her peers. Alison Jeffries didn't belong in the mental institution when she remembered that she didn't kill Tori Beaugrand, she made her disintegrate. Alison is different from you and me. She can taste when you are lying to her. She can see colors out of our normal color spectrum. She recognizes that numbers and words can have personalities. She can see stars and hear music just from the normal day-to-day actions that you and I do. Because she is different, she is crazy. Because she says she sees things, feels things, smells thing that we cannot, she is crazy. Because she hated Tori, she killed her, and therefore, is crazy."Everything you believe is wrong." What Alison believed and what was her reality were two different things. The evidence from the day that everyone last saw Tori led everyone to believe that Alison killed her. No body was found and no evidence has been truly able to prove anything against Alison. So what is the truth? There wasn't anything that I didn't love about this book. I don't know how to say this enough. Anderson did an amazing job writing so different, but in such an addicting way. Her writing style was superb as well as her story plot. The writing is so spot on with the way Anderson wanted to relay the story through the main character's eyes. Alison is interesting, yet, so familiar and comforting that you cannot help but relate to her feelings and emotions. Haven't you ever felt like you were different, or even going crazy? I know I have, many times. What teenager isn't feeling this in a normal situation, let alone in a mental psych ward?Throw out your reality when you read this book. Anderson will bring you where your mind will want to go, and in the next moment, she will bring you to the opposite side of it. She will break through your expectations and bring you to a place of imagination that you forgot existed. This is definitely a book to read. You will not be disappointed.