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No More Mr. Nice Guy - Jennifer Greene,  Jeanne Grant Posted on Book Chelle.I have always been attracted to the nice guy with a hidden dark streak. He would be nice and presentable on the outside, but rebellious and unruly on the inside. Why? I felt I that this way, I would have the best of both worlds. But it doesn't always work this way, does it? In the end, one of the traits takes over like an epic battle being won over the years. In No More Mr. Nice Guy, Greene shows me just that. Carroll Laker's sister just announcement to her fiance. One who would describe as tall, dark, and handsome. In her world, where she was always associated with the words, dependable and safe. She has always been the glue to keep the family together. An innocent kiss shakes the very existence of Carroll's life and her relationship with Alan. While she loves Alan, she now is looking for that spark. Her past has hinted that maybe safe is all that her heart can take. Alan Smith is the cute pediatrician that is head over heels in love with Carroll. He would do anything for her. And when he notices the way that Carroll admired her sister and new fiance, he takes matters in his own hands to spice things up. Sure, he is safe, nice, and predictable, but what he wants to prove to Carroll is that he can turn up the heat as much as the next guy. What I love about this book is how Alan is Mr. Right regardless if he's Mr. Nice Guy or not. There's something about his character and how he presents himself to Carroll in the beginning and in the end that has me in love with him, myself. Carroll is experiencing new experiences with Alan, while still seeing him as his natural, safe self. And isn't that what we all want? Someone to feel safe with regardless of our lifestyle? Greene shows us that even while we can compromise on how we look and act on the outside, we can never really compromise who we are on the inside. Even if we were to give in to our desires and be whisked away in the beautiful sunset, we still need the affirmations of love and all of it's comforts. In the end, women don't need a nice guy just someone to believe that they are special. If you want to feel that, and wallow in the happiness that Carroll and Alan share, I suggest you read this book. You will have a nice warm smile on your face by the end of the day.