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Chasing Fire - Nora Roberts Posted on Book Chelle.There are some authors that I will hardly be disappointed in and almost always look forward to their books. Nora Roberts proves again that she is a part of that category. Roberts writes the tale of Rowan Tripp, a Missoula smokejumper. She is a strong woman who is aware of who she is and where she came from. She is an accomplished smokejumper who has learned from her father, who was one of the best, and who has learned to make it her own in the midst a male dominated profession. She has felt heartache in the past and felt it recently when a freak accident ended the last fire season. The nightmares from the accident have started to rise with the start of the new season, and slowly, has started to crawl into her reality.One of the rookie smokejumpers this new season is Gulliver Curry, or Gull for short. He is everything that one would imagine about being a firefighter. Roberts wrote him to mimic a fire: hot, fast, blazing, and perfect. He quickly decides that Rowan is the girl for him and will be persistent on letting Rowan know what he's after. But will Rowan think that he is perfect in the calm before the storm, or will he be destructive in his path? Roberts quickly has me drawn into this book. Not only is Rowan a great female lead and Gull and handsome partner, Roberts also focuses on the atmosphere of being a smokejumper. This book has a lot of action that her last few books did not have. Everything was realistic and Roberts did an amazing job bringing you right in the front of the fire line, fighting alongside everyone else. She writes not just about the growing relationship between Rowan and Gull, but also of every character entwined in their lives. It was all fascinating and fulfilling.I suggest you pick it up for the romance and stay for the adventure.