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City of Glass - Cassandra Clare Posted on Book ChelleWill write more later. Epic. Edit: The third book of The Mortal Instruments series gave me a lot to take in. The first two books seemed easier to read and not as epic in content. This book gave me a romance, uncovered a family secret, fought a battle of the worlds, fought several battles to the death, and all while Clare gave you more tidbits into the loves of every single character. It is a good ending to a trilogy, but because I read after the fourth book came out, I know it's not. If it was though, I did feel a sense of closure on most of the relationships. But isn't that the beauty of fiction? You could do anything. But one of the things I didn't like was that some of the similarities of other stories started to come back. Clare's voice started to disappear for a second and things started to become predictable. Will it be this way in the fourth book as well?I'm glad that Clary finally got some strength and wasn't as helpless as in the other books. She did shine a little more in this book, but what I once thought to be Clary's story, slowly started to become Jace's. What is strength for Clary, became compassion for Jace. I suppose you could say it was all about the two all along. It's like a yin and yang. Familiar, no? This is still a great read, something that I will read over and over. Like I said earlier, epic. While I say there are some similarities to other stories, Clare does a great job bringing me to every moment that she describes on the page. I cannot wait to read the next book.