Book Chelle

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare First of all, why didn't I read this earlier? Second, I finally did and it has blown me away. I didn't not expect much, but I got a lot. I started in the morning, blew off some responsibilities, lost some sleep, and quickly finished. This story contains the young adult lead which has her eye-opening moment. It also has the boy next door mixed in with unrequited love. Next, add in the bad boy adventurer, in a very tall, dark, and handsome kind of way. Don't forget to throw in adventure, some soul-searching, and some unexpected revelations and you've got yourself a great book. Yes, there may be some parallels to other stories, but they are just that. In this literary world, I can stand behind an author who writes in the interests of her readers. In a world of known familiarity, what would you do if one day your eyes opened and you saw things you never have before? That's what brought Clary, or Clarissa, to her current day. She noticed something that suddenly opened her eyes to a whole new world that she never knew about before. The twist? She was always a part of that world. Clary is someone that I related with early on. There is something about the way Clare brought her to life that spoke to me. She is a dreamer and good at heart. She seems like every YA heroine, but if you read too fast and not absorb the words, you miss the tiny details of her characteristics. She's a great lead, but in a soft spoken sort of way. But in this world where it quickly becomes chaotic and unruly, it's your little bit of calm.Jace is in your face, witty, sarcastic, and everything that the bad boy should be. He is the hero that you wish you hated, but cannot fall in love with. When I think of my first crush, that feeling of hate him and love him, I think of Jace. It's a feel-good type of angst with him. Simon is your typical boy next door. You can tell from the beginning about his feelings for Clary. He is a good balance for the other two characters. I cannot wait to start of the next book.