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Tender Loving Care - Jennifer Greene Review at Book Chelle What would you do if your best friend and her husband died? Would you be able to bear the grief to care for their children? Meet Zoe and Rafe. They have just lost their best friends and flew to comfort their godchildren. They are now also the legal guardians of the two, something that their best friends left in their will since Zoe and Rafe became the god parents. Would you be able to handle all of this? Together?The situation grabbed me. It intrigued me that Greene chose this topic to write about. It's not a rare situation in life, but it is rare on paper. It's not the usual story book romance. Zoe and Rafe were not long lost lovers, they are just two adults being responsible and honoring the wishes of their best friends.Zoe and Rafe make an agreement to live at each others' homes, for three weeks, to see who would be the more fit parent for the boys. With their own reasons, they both did not see a future with children. These six weeks are full of ups and downs, a definite roller coaster of emotions. She wrote Zoe really well. You cannot help but love her and feel so much sympathy for her. And with Rafe? How can you not find a man who takes care of children, sexy? They both put their personal feelings aside to take the responsibility that they agreed upon. And in the middle of all of that, they each sort out their feelings for each other.Caution, some tissue may be needed.