Book Chelle

Pink Satin - Jennifer Greene, Jeanne Grant I've read a good amount of Jennifer Greene to say that I will always look for her books if I see it. This book gave me a hard time to get into. It took me several tries to get myself attached to the two main characters. I may not relate to Greer, and that could be the original problem. It seemed like Greer had to justify herself everywhere: to the other characters in the book and to me, the reader. Greer and Ryan are neighbors who first meet in the hallway of their apartment building. They have a knight-in-shining-armor romance that Greer tries to resist. I feel there were too many words used to describe everything. Greer may not be a character that I personally relate with, and that may be the problem for me. Ryan is great. He is the type of guy that you'd want on your side, regardless if it is romantic or platonic. He is a take charge sort of guy even if Greer seems independent herself. What happens between these two is a more realistic scenario than other books I've read in this genre. It is definitely worth a read.