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Temptation at Twilight (Lords of Pleasure, #1) - Jo Carlisle Review posted on Dark Faerie Tales.I have been on a roll with reading books more geared towards the adult crowd. One of my next books was actually Jo Carlisle’s Desire After Dark, which is the second book in the Lord of Pleasures series. Once I realized that it was a second book, I quickly purchased Temptation at Twilight. As the first book in the series, Temptation at Twilight is a mix between urban and sexual fantasies. There are many different sexual scenarios and most involving three partners at a time.Temptation at Twilight follows the story of a specific brother, Soren Fontaine. The Fontaine brothers are a part of vampire royalty. They are Lords of their own right, famous as the warriors of the paranormal realm. Together, brothers Aldric, Soren, and Luc serve to protect and serve to please. They have focused their attentions towards La Petite Mort, an adult resort that fulfills every fantasy and desire that their patrons have. Soren enjoys the pleasures and benefits of La Petite Mort, catering to their guests needs. But deep inside, Soren longs for his mate, Helena, who was killed over a century ago in a very brutal way. He has been searching for a way to get back Helena, and in his desperation, he has sought out the voodoo priestess, Leila Doucet.Leila’s reputation precedes her, and she is as evil as they say she is. She has an ulterior motive, implanting an evil being into Soren. But she does deliver in her promise, and she does bring Soren to her mate. Harley Vaughn is a sexual being, with very similar traits as to Soren’s late Helena. But she differs in her self-confidence and sexual prowess. Soren hires Harley as one of his personal Chosen. Now Soren needs to get out of his agreement with Leila before she kills him and he loses his mate all over again.Soren Fontaine was a likeable protagonist, but I felt disconnected from him. It could be his lifestyle or his dialogue. I felt like he lacked something and I couldn’t like him as much as I should have. His story is tragic, and given the history and culture that Carlisle presented in Temptation at Twilight, no one should ever lose his mate. I disliked him when he was Leila, always giving in to her sexual wants and desires. He has a mate that he finally found again, and he sleeps with another woman! I understand the rules of sexuality, within the boundaries of this book, but I just didn’t understand that concept.Harley Vaughn seemed like a lost soul looking to discover who she really was. She is an orphan, not having a living relative left in this lifetime. She gives in easily to her desires and becomes this unadulterated woman, ready to fulfill the fantasies of demons and vampires.There was a lot going on, and at times all I wanted to read was about the story. But maybe I missed the whole point behind Temptation at Twilight. Maybe the previous books that I’ve read had me looking for more than just sex and pleasure. I felt that everyone was having sex with everyone, and no one cared about what was going on outside of these sexy times. It became a little too much for me, at times forcing myself to just skim through those scenes.