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Dark Kiss (Nightwatchers Series #1)

Dark Kiss - Michelle Rowen I'm a fan of Michelle Rowen. I adored her Immortality Bites paranormal romance series. When I found out she was writing an angel paranormal, I was excited. Dark Kiss is the first book in the Nightwatchers series. In Dark Kiss, a team of two angels and two demons are brought to Earth for a mission. Working together, they come together for amicable reasons to banish the world from grays. New to Earth, grays are humans without souls with the ability to drain others of their souls. (Terrible lot, if you ask me.) Heaven has placed a barrier, denying anything paranormal to escape. A young girl, Sam, is inadvertently thrown into this secret world. One kiss changes her world. One kiss turns her into a gray. Sam is a good heroine, but I didn't instantly love her. It might have been the way she was introduced, or the way I perceived her. A first kiss, a heartsick teenager, and a swoony boy has changed Sam's life. But I felt that Sam was too much like a lot of other heroines out there. She was strong and determined, vulnerable and innocent. I wanted something more. Bishop and Kraven were why I enjoyed Dark Kiss. Two sides of the coin, with similarities and differences that make you wonder which boy you want to fall in love with. There isn't a love triangle, nor any angst, but it's nice to side with someone. The relationship between Bishop and Sam was almost instant. The feelings were unrequited, bordering on love. There were a lot of moments where love to hate and hate to love was put into play. And for some that's something they like to read. For me, not so much. Where the world was interesting and unique, there were elements that didn't carry through. For me, I was expecting a little something closer to her other books. It was just different (and don't take that negatively).