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Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi Posted on Book Chelle.I have lots of words to describe this book. I also have a lot of love for this book. Mafi must have been reading my mind, because I believe that this was the book that I didn't realize I was looking for.Let's face it, most of us read a lot and sometimes the words start to blend together. And then other times, the stories and characters start to blend together. But this story just puts itself on the board and staples itself up there. Shatter Me wants to leave a permanent etch in my memory, and I will not fight it.I promise this will not have any spoilers.The story begins in a way that surprises me. I have only read a handful of books where the story and the heroine grab me with the strength of her voice. Before I could even imagine her face, I knew who she was. Before I knew what was going on, I knew what she was feeling. Before I finished the first chapter, I felt connected in such a way that it brought out the same feelings out of me.I'll be kind and let you in on a secret. The writing style is different. I felt that it further emphasized the heroine's state of mind throughout the book. To me, the book felt a little more real than other books I have read in the past. The emotions of the heroine felt raw and so much easier to place myself in her shoes.It was wonderful.The range of emotions mimicked the flow of words that Mafi put on the page. It was like Mafi was a conductor and the words her music. You will see, and then you will be mesmerized. Like a few other books that you may have read, throw the rules out of the window. They are not required when you read Mafi's Shatter Me. People, I felt raw emotions and cried. Mafi chooses her words wisely and effectively. You will see and then you will fall in love. Words cannot fully express the praise that I have for Mafi and her talent as a writer. It comes as a surprise to me that this is her first book, because she seems like a seasoned veteran who can produce art like this with a wave of a hand.Too much praise? Maybe, but I feel it's well deserved.I am sorry that I am vague, but I do not want to spoil anything. Mark the publish date on your calendars and make sure you pick it up. You will not be disappointed.