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Plus One

Plus One - Brighton Walsh Review posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Plus One by Brighton Walsh is a sweet and delightful read. I was lucky enough to be given a chance to read this one early, and I couldn’t wait. I’ve heard from many friends that Walsh’s writing was realistic and familiar; easily allowing the reader to feel like the story belonged to a friend. Plus One is about Olivia and the single dating scene. But during wedding season, being single isn’t always ideal. She has had her share of bad date and along them the interesting men they’re with. But when her best friend, Ian, offers to be her plus one, how could she pass up the chance? Ian has always been there for her, what more could she ask for? Ian’s innocent offer might backfire on him. He has had a long-time crush on Olivia, never acting for fear of possibly destroying the friendship. But the frequent wedding dates and the close proximities make it harder for him, as well as Olivia. Will their friendship grow into something more? Olivia is someone that I quickly related to. She was a simple girl who had a romantic side to her. She’s like a lot of average women out there, looking for love when it just doesn’t want to be found. At least, it’s not anywhere she was likely to look. Olivia was someone I wanted to be friends with, and that is always a trait that I find to be good for a main character. I sympathized with her, and longed to find her a forever mate. Ian is a familiar character to me. It’s like Walsh took him out of my memories and put him on the page. He was someone that I naturally gravitated towards. Not just by his personality and charm, but also for his actions. Ian is a gentleman, regardless of his affections for Olivia. His internal monologue was entertaining, and I want to think that that’s how it really is inside a man’s head. Walsh’s writing comes out naturally, allowing humor to fill the pages. Her chosen words hook you into the story and her characters and plot allow you to stay. She fills the pages with meaningful content, never adding anything extra for any reason. When I read her words, I understood them and took them in, allowing me to enjoy the story even more.Plus One is the perfect read to start your weekend or vacation. It will put you in the best mood for all the happy things to come. It has great characters and a wonderful story. It’s quick, which is sad, because I wanted to know more. But in theory, that’s awesome because Walsh is a talented writer. I hope to read more of Walsh’s work in the near future. Plus One is a great read, and I think you will feel the same way also.