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Bloodlines the Indigo Spell (Bloodlines (Mead - Hardcover))

The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.I have been coveting The Indigo Spell ever since I finished The Golden Lily. Richelle Mead’s third book in the Bloodlines series has been one of the most talked about books in the book bloggersphere. There is so much to learn after where Mead ended The Golden Lily, and I was one of the lucky ones to read it early. Everything about The Indigo Spell screams amazing, and I think this is my favorite book of this series (at least to date). I promise not to say any spoilers, but I will say that you will enjoy every minute of it.The Indigo Spell starts shortly after the end of The Golden Lily. Not much time has passed, and Sydney is already involved in something adventurous. There are different story arcs happening within The Indigo Spell, one figuring out who Marcus Finch is, the elusive Alchemist rogue, and Sydney’s further involvement of magic. While both arcs test Sydney’s faith and beliefs, she finds herself compromising who she is as an Alchemist, but not as a person. Sydney finds out more secrets than she has ever been exposed to, each one as dire as the next.I loved Sydney in The Indigo Spell. I don’t think I’ve ever admired a female character as much as I am with her. Mead has written her to be a realistic young female, who has expectations and responsibilities along with the rest of us. In The Indigo Spell, I connected with Sydney more so than I ever have in the previous books. She is a little more vulnerable and a little more imperfect. She discovers so many things not only about her world, but also about herself. It’s human and raw. Plus all the emotions that she goes through. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed reading through an emotional roller coaster as much as I have reading Sydney’s life.I won’t talk much about specifics, but know that Mead brings the characters into a more involved level. The relationships that Sydney has with the characters changes, some for the better and some for the worse. The characters test Sydney’s resolve, and I enjoyed it. Sydney has always been this composed person, but mixed in with Jill, Eddie, or even Adrian, it changes.Okay, I’m going to have to talk about Adrian and Marcus Finch. Adrian has grown as a character, in a way that I find appealing. He is no longer the young man who is just laissez-faire about life, but instead has a relaxed attitude of enjoying life. It’s a subtle difference, but Adrian has a reason to care and be responsible about certain things. Marcus Finch is an ex-Alchemist that Sydney has become obsessed about. Not only is he the reason why she questions her beliefs and the whole world, he is also the reason for this quest of finding out the real truth. Mead changes the story dynamic bringing him in, and it shakes the very being of Sydney’s world. It’s interesting to see it all unravel.The world changes in The Indigo Spell. Mead brings things to another level of dark paranormal elements. She adds a little romance and some mystery. I truly enjoyed reading The Indigo Spell, with all of the jaw-dropping revelations. Mead’s writing style just compliments everything that has been going on with the story, and I have never had a dull moment. It’s paced nicely, allowing me to fully comprehend what’s going on.I highly urge you to pick up The Indigo Spell. Such a great story from beginning to end.