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Quintana of Charyn

Quintana of Charyn - Melina Marchetta Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Melina Marchetta’s Quintana of Charyn has been one of the most anticipated books of my TBR list, for this year. The third book of the Lumatere Chronicles is by far one of my favorite books. Not only does Marchetta continue with the wonderful world, but she also progresses with the powerfully written characters of her story. The series is brilliant, and will most likely stand the test of time. I won’t write any spoilers, but I’ll gush about the wonderfully important things.In the conclusion of the beloved Lumatere Chronicles, Marchetta continues with the story of Froi, Quintana, Isaboe, and Finnikin. Separate paths have led them into different stories, all to unite in the very end. Froi has learned so much about who he really is, and despite being Lumaterian or Charyn, Froi understands who his family is, blood or not. Quintana has escaped the metaphorical chains of imprisonment, no longer bound to the evils of her home country. Isaboe continues to rule her country, slowly mending the wounds to thrive like it once did. And Finnikin has moved mountains for his queen, but has not found his self worth. Each one of these characters fill the pages with amazing journeys, allowing the reader to once again be enveloped in the beautiful story that is from Marchetta’s mind.Quintana has grown so much as a person. I once disliked her, until I knew who she was, and in Quintana of Charyn, I found out who she really is. She has quickly become one of my favorite characters, not just for her tenacity and colorful personality. Quintana has changed in this book, and Marchetta has chosen to show a different side of her. She is protective and very capable of love and affection. It’s amazing to see her transform.I love Froi. Without him, the Lumatere chronicles would be dull and boring. Froi is the action and adventure that belongs in every fantasy story. He is also the love and romance that accompanies the action and adventure. Froi definitely brings all of the stories together. From Isaboe and Finnikin to Quintana and everyone in Charyn, Froi is the common link.Marchetta’s world of Lumatere and Charyn is fantastic and alluring. I constantly wish that both far away lands were real, allowing us, the readers, to visit the places and people that Marchetta so wonderfully describes. Marchetta writes about relationships, in every sense of the word. Throughout Quintana of Charyn, as well as the other two books in the Lumatere Chronicles, Marchetta has gone on a journey, introducing different characters and how they relate to one another. Sometimes it was filled with love, others it was with despair. As I read each page, I felt the complexity of each relationship, linking from one more character to another.Specifically in Quintana of Charyn, Marchetta talks about the differences of Charyn and Lumatere. While the previous two books showcased life in one land, Quintana of Charyn walked that fine line of symmetry and contrary details. Both lands have their hardships and their reasons for celebrations, and Froi, Quintana, Isaboe, and Finnikin brought them all together for a resolution that I was content with.I cannot say enough about Marchetta’s Quintana of Charyn. She captivates me with every word written on each page. I have already read this story many times over, and each time I have learned something new or felt an emotion that I didn’t the time before. I’m sad for the series to end, but happy that I was able to read it in my lifetime. I urge you to do the same, you will not regret it.