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Kiss Me Again

Kiss Me Again - Rachel Vail Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Kiss Me Again is the sequel to Rachel Vail’s If We Kiss. There is a lot of charm in this book, mostly from the main character, but also from the scenarios that Vail writes about. Family, love, and relationships theme the pages of the book, and it was fun to read.Awkwardness abound as Charlie and Kevin are now stepsiblings. After the marriage of her and Kevin’s parents, after the broken friendship between Tess and herself, and after the confusion of her relationship with Kevin, Charlie has to figure it all out. Her situation doesn’t get any easier as more complications come into play. The confusion isn’t one-sided, and Charlie has to figure out her feelings for Kevin. Charlie has to think about the consequences of hurting more people, trying to prevent what happened with her and Tess. And amidst it all, Charlie has to find out what she wants.I think Charlie has grown a bit in Kiss Me Again. There have been a lot of changes in Charlie’s personal life, aside from the moments of kisses, and I think she dealt with them realistically. Vail wrote her in a way that held true to the character’s persona and for someone her age. Charlie is emotionally confused for most of the book, trying to balance her feelings and her beliefs. Kevin, George, her family, and her friends all add to the chaos of her emotions and her thoughts. It’s like Charlie muddles through life, trying to survive Kevin, school, and all of the changes going on. I felt more engaged with her and definitely more connected this time around.Once again, I had a love and hate relationship with Kevin. But I think that was the purpose. I was confused at Kevin’s intentions, and definitely confused about his feelings. While some of his actions relayed interest, there is the sly boy persona that plays hard to get. Don’t get me wrong, it is also Charlie’s fault, but I felt that Kevin didn’t help with anything Charlie was trying to accomplish. There’s this fine line that I walked, feeling like the whole thing was going to be too much. But Vail did a good job with writing his character and making him Charlie’s biggest obstacle to overcome.There is angst in Kiss Me Again, as much as the first book, but there was a lot of growth all around. From the characters to Charlie herself, I felt that the story came to a happy ending. I felt like the story moved past the original kiss to topics of love and relationships. From Charlie’s parents to her new found family, and even to the relationship with Tess, I felt like Vail spoke and defined different levels of love. This is high school, freshman year at that, and I still feel like Vail represented it in a true sense.It’s not always easy for me to read books where the main character is so young. It’s been a while since I’ve been that age and it’s sometimes a challenge for me to connect to the main character. But in Kiss Me Again, I think Vail was able to do that and bring me back to that age. I was able to feel the anxiety and the stress of Charlie’s problems, allowing myself to be transformed into a 15-year old girl. And because of that, I thought this was a great read.