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Somebody to Love

Somebody to Love - Kristan Higgins Posted on Big Girl Books.Let me tell you a not-so-secret secret. I love book covers. I am a sucker for them as much as I am a sucker for sexy times. And in the case of Somebody To Love? It was instant love. See, this is probably why I love contemporary romances. There’s always a cute cover to go a long with it. I mean, look at this cover. How can you not love this cover? The adorable and in love couple? The scenery? That dog?!Somebody To Love begins with children’s book author Parker Harrington Welles reading to her son’s class. As she recites the last few words of the last book in her Holy Rollers series, she anticipates the moments until she puts those characters to rest. Unfortunately, there is no rest for the weary, or for her bank account. Next thing you know, she loses her inheritance, her father goes to jail, and she is taken away from the mansion that she calls home. Sure, she has another piece of property that was left to her, but it would be kind to call it a shack.The thing about Higgins is that she knows how to make me laugh. From the moment that Parker started talking to her characters, which was on the first page, I knew that I was going to enjoy this book. She made Parker a character that was easy to relate to. She was emotionally stunted and attention deprived. Isn’t that a lot of women out there? *raises hand*Let’s not forget that Higgins knows how to write a boy that’s easy on the eyes and will make your heart melt. James, or as Parker calls him, Thing One, is a great male lead. His character was slowly built up to be this amazing guy. He had a great depth to him. He wasn’t just eye candy, which isn’t bad either, but I appreciate a male lead who has history behind him. Nothing was cliché. Everything was enjoyable and as it should be.Guys, the romance in this book! Tons of heart-tingling moments that had me wishing I was right there with him. Higgins knows how to write fluff. And it’s not extremely light and fluffy. We’re not talking a meringue here or anything, but Somebody To Love had enough sweetness to give you those far away stares into blissful nothing.A huge theme of Somebody To Love was family. Higgins touches the varying types of families. I appreciated how things were realistic and not out of the ordinary. There were bittersweet moments that made me cry (like every other chapter), and there were moments that made me laugh (tons of snark in the conversations). I enjoyed every moment of it and remembered why I love Kristin Higgins.