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Vanish (Firelight Series)

Vanish: A Firelight Novel - Sophie Jordan Posted on Book Chelle.Sophie Jordan brings us back with the second installment in the Firelight series, Vanish. The cover is as gorgeous as the first one, but this time with a blond, grey eyed beauty. Where the first book was representative with the red of the fire, this one is filled with white luminescence. I instantly thought of a dragon with powers controlling ice, but who?Vanish begins right where Firelight ended. Jacinda, Tamra, and their mother has been taken back to the pride by Cassian. The end of Firelight has left them no choice but to return to the pride to seek out protection, despite how they may be received. Betrayal still lingers in the air and the pride is not so receptive of their homecoming. The only reason why they were accepted in the first place is due to Cassian's father, and the pride's, plans for Jacinda. She attempts to be a loyal draki to the tribe, but a series of surprising events tempts her plans for escape...again.Jacinda is a strong character. Sometimes, I feel that she is misguided, but in the end, she is a teenage girl on an emotional roller coaster. There are certain parts of the book that makes me so upset with her. The girl that I fell in love with in Firelight, loses who she is because of love and her feelings.Tamra graces us with a more prominent presence in this book. While she seemed so angry and frustrated in the first book, I understood her a little more in this book. There was a depth of character surrounding Tamra that I wish carried throughout all of the characters.Cassian doesn't seem to be a complete heartless guy. He has feelings that show and I couldn't help but sympathize with him. Does she love me? Does she not? I feel bad for that guy. He has it all and he is next in line to rule the pride, but every fiber of his being revolves around her. Then there's Will. I love him, despite who he is and what he is. He just good written all over him. Peer pressure and family acceptance may have been the driving force in his actions, but I felt the remorse in his words. Vanish is engaging, whether my reactions were positive or negative. Jordan does a good job of creating that world all over again, separating the fantasy world with the realistic settings. She blends it together and she paints a very vivid picture. I will say that there were some surprises and plot twists that I did not expect, but I did enjoy it.While I had a few qualms about Jacinda and the love triangle, I am looking forward to the next book.