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Collide - Megan Hart Posted on Book Chelle.Hart has that unique writing style that is casual and has me feeling like a great friend was telling me a story. There is always something comforting for me when I read one of her books. Plus, I can't deny that her form of romance is one of my favorite forms. There is always a wonderful story that comes along with the hot and steamy romance, and Collide is a perfect example of that.Collide is different from the previous stories that I have read from Megan Hart. I was engaged from the beginning, having only read a few pages in.Emmaline suffered an accident when she was younger that resulted in a brain injury. Throughout her life, she has had to deal with blackouts called fugues. She has no way to control these blackouts, nor does she know for how long will be in this state. Over the years, she has learned how to lessen the stress in her life to balance it all.It has been about a couple of years since Emm's last blackout, and she has moved out on her own to be closer to work. Her life is normal, as normal can be. She has a routine and ventures to the local coffee shop to grab a cup of joe with her best friend, Jen.Life is normal until Johnny walks in. Johnny Dellasandro is a 70's film star that is known for racy, raunchy, and randy subjects. Sure, add in any other word to describe something similar to Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights. Jen is a closet fanatic and she convinces Emm to have a film night. What could possibly happen in a night of racy art films, a 70's (almost porn) star, and a few glasses of wine?After one fantastic night watching Johnny Dellasandro, Emm suddenly has a fugue episode. Instead of being a state of black void, Emm has vivid images and the best sexual escapades she has had...ever. And here is where the Megan Hart magic happens. Hart describes the relationship between a man and a woman in such a tasteful manner that reading about sex doesn't seem forbidden. She writes beautiful and erotic experiences that will have you wishing you were Emm. While you're reading and envying Emm, you'll see the plot unravel and fully appreciate the genius of Hart's writing style. You will be blown away from the events that take place and how they all weave together. I was completely enthralled and emotionally invested in the main characters. The stories that they each have to tell is amazing individually and together. I could see how they each have their own faults, yet it's beautiful to see how everything comes together. Yes, some parts may be confusing, but I didn't understand until one part of the book that just opened my eyes. Truly, an AH-HAH! moment. It really is a love story with an unexpected twist.I suggest this to anyone who loves a good love story, who loves to feel the emotion between two people, and/or who loves to escape and become a part of something wonderful. This book is for you. Pick it up today. You will not be disappointed.