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Undeniably Yours (Kowalski Family, #2)

Undeniably Yours - Shannon Stacey Posted on Book Chelle.Undeniably Yours is the second book in the Kowalski series by Shannon Stacey. I had to go back and read the first book, before I read this book. Silly me didn't realize Undeniably Yours was a part of a book series until I began reading the title. I'm glad it turned out this way. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been introduced to the Kowalski clan. I have to say, that even though these books could be read as stand-alone books, the reader would have missed a lot of back story details included in the first book.Kevin Kowalski is a former cop-turned-bar owner in Undeniably Yours. He chose to leave his law enforcement career and start over with his bar. He's had a series of unfortunate events, including a cheating wife that compromised his position at the police force. A memorable night between Beth and Kevin result in a pregnancy. Will Kevin continue with his streak of bad luck?(Having read all three books,) I adore Kevin. Out of the brothers, he was by far my favorite. He has many qualities to desire in a man, but out of all of them, you could tell how much he cared for his family and others. He's a man's man, but like most manly men, he was soft inside. He's funny and has a quick wit. He's snarky, but when it comes down to it, he's very loyal.While Undeniably Yours revolves around Kevin, I felt that this was more Beth's story more than anything. They met at a wedding and resulted in a one night stand. To me, the beginning of the book doesn't matter. The meat and potatoes of the story resulted after Kevin did the right thing. Maybe in the real world, things wouldn't have resulted in the way they did, but I'm glad Stacey wrote it this way.Beth took a while to warm up to. I understand independence and pride, but there was a time where I felt she was too stubborn. It felt like she questioned everything Kevin did and second guessed his intention. It was a little frustrating, reading her actions page after page. Stacey didn't write anything in Beth's back story to indicate the reasons why she was so hesitant, but maybe that was just something I didn't understand. You'll understand why when you read this. The saving grace in this book was definitely Kevin.Overall, the characters and supporting characters were lovely. The main plot as well as the sub plots were pleasant to read. The romantic scenes? Steamy. I couldn't put the book down, so that's a testament to the writing and I found myself enjoying every minute of it. Undeniably Yours is perfect for that weekend read that you've been looking for.