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Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, #11)

Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, #11) - Charlaine Harris Posted on Book Chelle.Note: Reading the 11th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series has made me realize that I should reread the books and give them all proper reviews. As I should with several books in series that are still ongoing.I have had a love/hate with Sookie since the first time I met her in Dead Until Dark. While I have always been fond of her strong character, her witty brain, and lack of fear, that is also what I believe is her downfall. Sometimes, her personality comes off as too harsh and possibly even without tact. She can seem whiny, spoiled, and possibly annoying, but she's so sure of herself and who she is that you cannot help but admire that about her. But it's this unique personality that has me drawn to her, wouldn't you think? You definitely cannot say that she is a wallflower. She is quite the opposite, in fact.In the case of Dead Reckoning, it feels that Sookie has lost a big part of who she is. I feel like she has lost the strong and witty feminine character that drew me into the books. She muddles her way through this book, living life in seek of protecting her "family" from those who mean harm to them. In the beginning of the series, I always felt her strong sense of independence. In this book, and ones before it, Sookie seems dependent on the leading man. I know the genre calls for it, but I miss old Sookie.Eric, in the other hand, has developed as a character. He has grown more complex as a supporting, and dare I say it, and could be considered a favored lead in this book and the series. He has proven to the readers that he is not going anywhere, no matter what Harris, the vampires, or the supes has to throw at him. His relationship with Pam, with Sookie, and with the new characters introduced in this book has shown the range of who Eric is as a character. He is definitely my favorite in this book.While Dead Reckoning was a good and easy read, there were definitely parts that had me confused. There are some scenes in this book that Harris seemed to go over details that were missed in other books of the series. I found that this book felt disconnected at times and that there wasn't the same flow in the story line. While I may have given it a lower review than the other previous books, I still found this an enjoyable read. I still love the series and have a fondness for the characters. Dead Reckoning was published at the right time, given that True Blood is just around the corner. I definitely suggest this book if you are a fan of Sookie, Eric and the Southern Vampire series.