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MILA 2.0

MILA 2.0 - Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.It’s always nice to read a story with elements that you haven’t seen before or seen in a while. Debra Driza’s Mila 2.0 was refreshing. In a world of paranormal beings, dystopian societies, and life altering realistic scenarios, Mila 2.0 is about a regular girl, who isn’t so regular. I was captivated by the synopsis. A girl android? It brought me back to the days of reading Isaac Asimov. Driza’s Mila 2.0 has a contemporary feel to it with science fiction tendencies. Mila survived a tragic fire, where her father did not. She lives with her strict and overprotective mother. Her routine is predictable and safe, deemed and controlled by her mom. After the death of her dad, Mila has become anti-social, quiet, and closed off. The only person she calls a friend is Kaylee, a semi-popular girl that brings Mila out of the borders of loneliness. Mila was a character easy to relate to, android or not. I liked the ease and simplicity of her voice. It was fresh, while being feminine and youthful. She was strong, but rebellious, like all young teens are. In the first half of the book, Mila is as human as humans can get. She has teenage emotions, the highs and lows, and she definitely thinks in that over analyzing way that teenagers do. In the latter part of the book, Mila changes. Without telling you too much, Mila goes through a transformation that is expected of the events that happen. What is surprising about it all is how Driza keeps her humanity. There is a fine balance between human and android, one that Driza talks about, and it was enjoyable to see that defined. Mila 2.0 is set in an alternate universe of present day. While the background and location is familiar, it brings an ease to the reading experience. With the information that is given in regards to android technologies, the setting doesn’t overshadow the details. I think the main focus is the intricacies that Driza brought into Mila’s anatomy. I was able to see each android element, and it was like watching a movie. I can get very visual when it comes to science fiction elements, and I’m really glad Driza described Mila in the way she did.I loved the intro to Mila 2.0 as well as to Mila herself. I knew about the basic premise, but was pleasantly surprised at how Driza wrote the plot. The delivery of the situation, along with the precipice, was brilliant. The story had a slow but steady progression, filling in with details when needed. There is a turning point in the book, where the pace quickens, and it matches with the events that take place. What once was slow enough to gather information, is now quick to keep up with the action. Mila 2.0 had a contemporary feel while bringing in science fiction elements. I enjoyed every moment of it, and I think you will also.