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Eve and Adam

Eve and Adam - Review posted on Dark Faerie Tales.ichael Grant & Katherine Applegate team up once again, and onto the literary page, to write Eve & Adam. This time, their first credited collaboration is for Eve & Adam, a different take on dystopia. In this science fiction tale, a young girl creates a boy. Not any young girl, and not any young boy. What results is a project that brings out the imperfections of what would otherwise be a perfect situation. I’ve read Applegate’s and Grant’s literary works individually, and was excited to have a chance to read this collaboration.Evening Spiker, Eve, suffered a horrible car crash that resulted in an injury which left her in a wheelchair. Within the haze of unconsciousness, someone rushed her to her mother’s research facility to rehabilitate Eve’s injuries and her future sanity. In the world of possibility, human genetics has been given as a present to Eve, allowing her to build a boy from scratch. Lacking perfections herself, Eve has sought out and chosen to make a perfect boy. Now the only problem will be if he will actually be perfect for Eve.Eve was someone that I connected with, from the start. As a reader, it is easy to sympathize with her, not only for her terrible injury, but mostly because of her down-to-earth nature. Eve is a good contrast to her mother, who is calculated and cold in nature. But while I did enjoy Eve, I felt that there could have been more to her character. At times, I felt that she was a little plain, or what some would call two-dimensional. I was looking for a little more intensity from her, but this is a personal preference.Solo was a really interesting character. When I was first introduced to Solo, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with him. I was a little confused at what role he would play in Eve and Adam, and at times, my mind was instantly thinking that there was a secret behind his character. But Solo gave this story the mystery and oomph that it lacked. It gave the reader another dimension and another level of story plot to experience. While he was subservient in some ways, he was daring and rebellious in others. It was really great to read.Eve and Adam is set in an alternate, yet present day San Francisco. In this science fiction world, Grant and Applegate pull the reader into their world, guiding us into the path of their choice. Whether the scene calls for emotion or action, both Grant and Applegate delivers a fantastic adventure. While I felt that a few things fell short of my expectations, this may just be a case of personal preference and reading taste. I wanted more detail of the background, the biogenetics aspect, and even the “why” of it all.I will say that both Grant and Applegate deliver a story that pleases both the mind and senses. I enjoyed many aspects of their world and loved to get to know Eve, Solo, and the many other characters within this story. I must warn you that if you have similar tastes as I do, you might feel a little disconnected or even disinterested at a few parts of the book. Your mind will want a little more engagement in some and a little less in others. But overall, I enjoyed the story, and hope that there will be a continuation sometime or another.