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Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon - Anna Banks Posted on Book Chelle.Of Poseidon by Anna Banks has a gorgeous cover. At first, I thought the cover had a 50s era feel, but only because of the font. But, you know, I’m always drawn to the typography first. Anyway, the luminescent girl underwater, that has the right amount of light around her body, but her face is still dark. For me, I would look into this as a type of symbolism, but those thoughts were before I read the synopsis. (I’m geeky, aren’t I?)Anna Banks captivated me within the first few pages. From the undersea world that Banks has created to the complex and well-rounded characters that I’ve gotten to know, Of Poseidon has quickly made it to my list of top books for 2012. This was another book that I coveted, and Banks justified it with the beautiful story.Of Poseidon tells the tale of Emma, who won my heart by tripping on her slipper. In the present-day setting, Emma discovers that she posses traits similar to Galen, a Syrena prince. He attempts to uncover the secrets, if not for his curiosity, but also to protect her. Emma not only discovers who she is as a Syrena, but also who she is as a person. She learns to cope with a few things out of her control, all while learning to become this new persona.Emma is a teenager, maybe not your average one, but she has the passion and emotions of one. She has always felt different, but you’ll soon discover why. What makes Emma unique is her voice. Banks did a fantastic job narrating Emma’s point of view. Her questions, her sarcastic humor, and even her determination makes Of Poseidon an enjoyable read. She adjusts her life to cater to her human self with her new Syrena qualities. Emma makes for a great heroine, in and out of the water.A unique trait of Of Poseidon is the point of view. The views alternate, switching from Emma’s first-person POV, to Galen’s third-person POV. While some may think this is confusing, I found it to be unique. If I want to dig deep in the reasoning, I’m sure I’ll come up with something. But in the end, all that matters is how much I liked it. And most of all, how much I felt it added to the story.I’m going to have to tell you about Galen. Why? Because he makes up for half of the personality in Of Poseidon. He is what balances this book, for me at least. Where Emma is human and unpredictable, Galen is like a rock, filled with history and responsibilities. He is solid, but you can sense his passion and his soul. He is loyal, which is a good thing and a bad thing. His voice is refreshing, taking in the nuances of human life and adjusting to live above water.I loved the promise of the sea, but I’m still waiting to explore underneath the surface. But don’t get me wrong, Banks wrote the promise within the words on her pages. She set up the stage, and Of Poseidon is where we meet Emma and Galen. I can’t wait to read the next book and discover everything that there is in Galen’s world. The few scenes in Syrena? Loved. Each intricate detail called me to me, like a siren’s song. I grew hungry for more information, for more details, for more of this wonderful world that belongs to Banks.I loved Of Poseidon, and I think you will too.