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Kept: A Coveted Novel

Kept - Shawntelle Madison Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.I was surprised when I finished Kept by Shawntelle Madison. A sequel in the Coveted series, Kept has allowed me to appreciate this world in the way that book 1 should have. I was engaged and the story kept me interested throughout the book. Sometimes that happens in book series, and that’s okay. I’m glad that I gave Kept a chance, or else I would have missed on an enjoyable read. Natalysa Stravinsky is a part of the New Jersey pack of werewolves. Once an outcast, this intelligent Russian werewolf comes with a neurotic streak. And all she wants? A little rest and relaxation. Kept begins where Coveted ends and Natalya is struggling with her OCD tendencies. Therapy has done wonders for her stress, alongside the friends that she has made through it. But problems do not disappear forever. When her father disappears, Natalya and her friends assist her in locating him. Danger leads them to Atlantic City, where it’s more than just a simple game of chance.Natalya has changed since the pages of Coveted. What downfalls I may have had before have been turned into attributes that I adore. The new Natalya is someone who has accepted who she is and has taken the steps to control it. I was interested in her character, her personality, and what she wanted to do throughout the book. I appreciate that Madison wrote Natalya with flaws. The struggle is easy to relate to and makes her a realistic and relatable character. Sometimes, it’s hard to say certain things in a book review. I never want to seem unappreciative of an author’s work. In the case of Kept, I really appreciated how Madison seemed to re-evaluate her characters and her world, giving a new light to them all. The main character seemed to gain a more engaging persona, allowing me to relate to her much more than I did before. The plot is complicated, and that’s okay. At times, I felt that there was a lot going on, but I think it allowed the reader to fully understand why Natalya longed for so much control. Madison wrote a strong heroine, with some delicious supporting characters and it made for an enjoyable read.I urge you to pick up Kept by Shawntelle Madison and give it a try. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.