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Temptation's Edge

Temptation's Edge - Eve Berlin Review posted on Dark Faerie Tales.With the renewed popularity of erotica, I was intrigued to read Temptation’s Edge by Eve Berlin, also known as Eden Bradley. From what I’ve read of Berlin, she writes darker, angst-filled erotic romance, filled with BDSM scenes and torment. The blurbs on the back of the book use words like edge and temptation, luring the reader into what I think is a more romanticized version of BDSM. I couldn’t wait to visit the world that Berlin created, especially stopping by her BDSM club, the Pleasure Dome.Temptation’s Edge is an engaging story, written superbly, and oozes with sexuality. Mischa Kennon is a tattoo shop owner and artist, residing in San Francisco. Mischa is spending a few weeks in Seattle to help her best friend during the beginning stages of wedding planning. While there, Mischa plans to branch out and open a second shop, partnering with a long time college and close friend. What she doesn’t expect is an instant attraction to Connor Galloway, a sexy Irishman who is a self-employed artist. Based in Seattle, Connor is also one of the groom’s best friends, not only sharing coincidences in residence, but also in their sexual activities. The attraction between Mischa and Connor spark an agreement, a no-strings attached affair, exploring into Connor’s dominant tendencies and into Mischa’s undiscovered submissive needs. What they don’t expect is to find something more than just a relationship and an agreement, and going beyond something deeper into the terrifying unknown.Mischa is a strong character, being an independent woman and a business owner. She knows what she wants and has molded her life to reflect those life choices. Mischa has had an abnormal childhood, filled with suffering and painful memories, but she has moved beyond them. Or at least so she thinks. Meeting Connor has opened up a lot of things about Mischa’s personality that she never knew about. She has discovered things that she never knew she needed to explore. Having a submissive side and giving in to pleasure and pain has been a thrill for her, opening up her heart for love and more.Connor is similar, yet different to Mischa. He has had a painful past, he has generally the same issues as Mischa, and while his current life is different to Mischa, he is self-confident and also independent. Connor is a male that oozes sex, a perfect male figure for a romance novel. He has very strong dominant tendencies, but isn’t cold nor is he vulgar. Connor respects Mischa, in all the ways that a woman should be respected, and all the ways that a reader would also.The instant attraction between Mischa and Connor was believable. In Temptation’s Edge, Berlin actually brought these two characters to the edge of their comfort zone, pushing them slowly to go over. It’s metaphorical, of course, forcing the two characters to go beyond their comfort zones. The world that Berlin created within the bedroom and within the Pleasure Dome is surreal, bordering between fantasy and reality. It allows for the reader to want to become a part of their world, and definitely include Connor with you.I enjoyed this story, quickly absorbing each word. I lost sleep over this story, wanting to read the next page after the next. I loved seeing glimpses of former characters, and I appreciated that Berlin wove the stories together so well. I urge you to read Temptation’s Edge, and explore your boundaries.