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Demon's Curse (Imnada Brotherhood)

Demon's Curse - Alexa Egan Review posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Demon’s Curse by Alexa Egan is the first book in the Imnada Brotherhood series. Set in a historical setting, Egan tells the tale of a secret race of shape-shifters who demand secrecy in order to survive. With a life long rival with the Fae Blood, the Imnada Brotherhood must do what they can to protect their race from the Other and from human knowledge. Captain Mac Flannery and his Imnada brothers have gathered in the funeral of their late brother, Adam. In a brutal and public murder, Mac and his brothers gather in the first time since their banishment from their clans. Mac must find Adam’s murder, and he needs to start with the rising actress, Bianca Parrino. Bianca is an actress on stage and off. She brings forth a persona to keep others at bay. Bianca feels she has her independence and her wealth, and that is more than enough to keep her life content. When her close friend Adam is murdered, Bianca is one of the main suspects. She must prove her innocence, and depend on the one man she least expected.Set in historical England, in a regency era, Bianca is independent and a free thinker. She survived an abusive marriage, is a successful and sought after actress, and is coveted by many eligible bachelors. Bianca built up a wall, shutting off her heart from the rest of the world. My connection to Bianca was a little slow. For one thing, she didn’t stand out. In the beginning of Demon’s Curse, I kept mistaking her for the antagonist, and that is never a good thing.Mac was a difficult man to get to know. One minute he was tough and against his current life, and the next he couldn’t stay away fast enough. I didn’t think the transition between his feelings were smooth enough. It wasn’t realistic for me to accept. Mac was so focused on the murder and the curse that it wasn’t easy to accept that he could love a woman so easily. At least not to me.I couldn’t connect to a lot of things within Demon’s Curse, but what I couldn’t connect to could be the thing that you do. It was a little difficult for me to engage with the characters. I felt the way they were introduced, there wasn’t anything tangible for me to grab on to. The details that I did grab onto wasn’t enough to keep me engaged. The history of the Imnada was a little confusing, and I felt that the message was lost in translation. There wasn’t a simple laid out backstory of the Imnada brotherhood and their culture. I felt myself skimming through the pages looking for little bits of information. The culture of the clans, the shape-shifters, and the Imnada is what really intriguied me, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Everything was detailed, maybe too much to a point. It seemed like that Demon’s Curse had too much of everything. With so much information and events taking place, I felt the pacing was a little slow. The first half of the book seemed to drag for me. A lot of my personal preferences kept me from connecting, often times feeling that I was bored with the page. It was a little disappointing, mostly because the idea of the Imnada and the curse was different and interesting. In the end, this wasn’t for me. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t for you.