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Immortally Yours

Immortally Yours - Angie Fox Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Immortally Yours is the first series of Angie Fox’s Monster MASH series. I didn’t have any expectations when I started this story, only because I’ve never read any of Fox’s work prior to this. The synopsis seemed fun and it had promise of a good weekend read. The premise was new and not something that I’ve read before, so I found it refreshing.In a war of New Gods and Old Gods, Dr. Petra Robichaud has been recruited to work in one of the war hospitals. Alongside other doctors, they do what they can to aid the demi-gods against the immortal gods. Petra was recruited mostly due to her half-fairy blood. She doesn’t have a choice in her service, and lives her mundane life day-to-day without excitement. Everything changes when Galen, a demi-god comes across her service. On the verge of death, Petra brings his soul back, tethering him and his life on earth. Petra now plays a bigger role in the war, one that Galen is bound to learn more about.Petra was someone that I instantly liked from the beginning. She was easy to relate to, and regardless of her half-human and half-fairy lineage, she was realistic. But there was a point in the story that my connection to her started to dwindle away. At first, she had all of this strength, and after a while it disappeared. Petra became vulnerable and fragile, erasing any of the strong qualities that I first read about.Galen is a warrior, and he was consistently written as one. He was strong and stubborn, never wavering from his beliefs and what he was fighting for. And behind the strong bravado, Galen cared. Not only for who he was fighting for, but for Petra. It was evident from his actions, and that was something that won me over.Fox’s world in Immortally Yours was mostly around a battle ground. Weaving from dangers and unknown vulnerabilities, Fox created a fantasy-filled realm mixed with current day aspects. She filled the pages with humor and action, never going overboard with one or the other. I liked the mythology details that Fox brought into the story. It was nice to see a history built into the story.I thought the pacing was great, but there were times when I felt like the story was disconnected from itself. I felt confused at the direction, thinking the story focused on one thing but instead it focused on another. I appreciated the voices of the characters, never feeling like it was too much or too little. I loved the way each one of the characters interacted with each other, no matter how big of a role they played.Overall, I liked reading Immortally Yours. It is a good weekend read, and I think you’d like it also.