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Archangel of Mercy

Archangel of Mercy - Christina Ashcroft Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Archangel of Mercy by Christina Ashcroft has a pretty hot cover. Like in most paranormal romances, Ashcroft promises heat, and lots of it. I would categorize Archangel of Mercy more as an erotica, rather than a romance, so you know there will be a lot of sexy times. Just from the first few pages, it was starting to steam up my glasses. Angel romance does that, but i’m picky. Archangel of Mercy started out great, but slowly lost my attention.Aurora Robinson yearns to find out more about her mother’s heritage and her past. In order to do so, she opens a rift between dimensions. Consequently, she manages to bring an Archangel, Gabriel, to her as well as alert the paranormal authorities, the Guardians. As a psychic, Aurora can retain her mother’s memories through dimensional rifts. What she doesn’t expect is an out-of-this-world with Gabriel. He brings her on his private sanctum to protect her from the Guardians and herself. Together, they reluctantly discover more about each other than they have before. Aurora is a good character, but I was concerned about how quickly she gave in. She is a woman with an undiscovered past with psychic abilities. She can open dimensions, but quickly falls for an Archangel that oozes sex. She falls into lust with Gabriel just from a single look. After a few moments (or days) of sexual lust, she thinks clearly and carries out actions that I question. I had a love and hate relationship with Gabe. I liked his sex appeal. What romance story would be successful without a hunky leading man? But I didn’t like how he was written. Well, not all of him at least. His attitude as an Archangel left me with a feeling of disappointment. My preference of leading men did not include forceful and aggressive personalities. He calmed down his actions near the end of the story, and maybe that’s the whole point, but I could not connect with him at all. My focus was lost several times, causing my interest to disconnect from the story. The original objective, finding out about her mom, was lost within the sex, hiding from the Guardians, finding out about Gabe’s past, and more sex. The beginning pulled me in, but it went away as Ashcroft introduced more details into the mix. I didn’t think that the reasons were explained thoroughly and I often had to go back and piece things together. I was excited to read this paranormal romance with an archangel. I just didn’t think Archangel of Mercy was for me. I didn’t find out much about Gabe’s world, at least not fully, and I didn’t think I found out enough about Aurora’s either. I wanted more of this and less of that, but again, this is how my mind prefers things. I would give Archangel of Mercy a try, because those scenes are steamy and hot.