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The Unseen

The Unseen - Heather Graham Posted on Big Girl Books.I have to be honest. I haven’t read many Heather Graham books, but the Krewe of Hunters series is one of my guilty pleasures. Graham knows how to make my toes curl and keep me on edge, all while warming up my heart with a nice romance. For those of you who don’t know, Heather Graham is known for her suspenseful stories, filled with paranormal thrills and mysterious chills. The Unseen is the fifth book in the series, and I couldn’t wait to continue with the story line.The Krewe is a group of hunters that investigate mysteries, murders, and other things that go bump in the night. In The Unseen, the Krewe is back, and this time in San Antonio, Texas. The story sets place both in the past and in the present. Young women are murdered, and coincidentally, they were all seen around the Alamo and the Longhorn hotel. Specifically, in room 207, many women have been murdered, starting with Rose Langley. She died at the hands of Matt Meyer, after being kidnapped. It has been many, many years since Rose died, and we are brought to present day, where another murder has taken place. Another young woman in the same room.In the Unseen, we are introduced to Kelsey O’Brien, a US Marshall from Florida, who can see ghosts. And because of this ability, she distances herself from others, never allowing to be vulnerable. Logan Raintree, a part Native American, is a Texas Ranger who can also see the dead. But where both Logan and Kelsey can see them, he can also hear them. Jackson Crow is attempting to assemble a second Krewe of Hunters, much in need now because of the serial killer in Texas.Murder. It’s not always something that I like to associate to romance novels, but Graham really knows how to balance between two much and just right. For the first four books in the series, I was captivated by the story, the characters, and the mystery they were trying to solve. For The Unseen, I felt that there were a few questions left unanswered, and a few wholes that I aw throughout the plot. I didn’t relate that much to the characters, but maybe it was the the rest of the story that held me back.I was intrigued with how Graham set up the characters to have the same ability. Usually, there is only one out of the pair that is gifted, but in this case, both Kelsey and Logan were. They both approached their ability differently, and I appreciated that. I was hoping to have a little more heat in the pot,but their attraction was natural. Compared to the other four books, The Unseen was a little tame. There were sexy times, but it was more times and not as much sexy.