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Pride & Passion (Brethren Guardians)

Pride & Passion - Charlotte Featherstone Posted on Book Chelle.Charlotte Featherstone is an amazing writer who creates beautiful stories filled with romance, excitement, and passion. The Brethren Guardian series have quickly become one of my favorite historical romance series, to date. The beginning of the book instantly grabs your attention and will surprise you. Featherstone's Brethren Guardian series definitely stands out from the rest of them.Featherstone's second book in the Brethren Guardian series, Pride & Passion has picked up where Seduction & Scandal left off. (By the way, I love when authors do that.) Black, Adrian, and Alynwick continue the quest to unmask the identity of Orpheus and protect the secrets of the Templar Knights. This time, Adrian suspects that Lucy has something to do with Orpheus, protecting his identity.Adrian, the Duke of Sussex has a hidden past that has tortured his soul past nightmares and dreams. From the first book, he has been this mysterious enigma that I have been curious about. While Black was open with his affections, in the first book, Adrian hides his emotions and portrays a collected and distinguished gentleman. He secretly longs for Lucy, but is now at an impasse. Lucy doesn't return his affections, and now, she seems to be involved with Orpheus or his cohorts.You know me, I love the tall, dark, and dreamy men who are vulnerable on the inside. And Adrian will not disappoint. I loved Black in the first book, but I think Adrian is my favorite. Since the beginning of the series, Adrian has been the voice of reason, but also seems to be a passionate romantic. Winning combination, no?Lucy, is another hopeless romantic in the story. While I loved Pride & Passion, I did not connect with Lucy. She is in love with a man who has been long gone. She cannot get over the finality of the fire and the death of the first man that she loved. It is like she cannot think of anyone else but him. Even with what Adrian has revealed to her, and the secrets that are slowly unraveling, she still cannot put common sense before love. Does true love conquer all? Or will danger have to come knocking on her door to face the truth?Like I said earlier, I love Featherstone's writing. There is something about the world that she has built for the Brethren series that is magical. It is filled with so much detail, but not too much to go overboard. The pacing of the story is perfect and there is a good ratio of romance, action, and mystery.I love how Featherstone has added elements of love and romance, but also has some beautiful and erotic love scenes. There are back stories, sub plots, and story build-ups that are weaved throughout the book. Don't worry, it doesn't deter you from the main plot of the book. Pride & Passion can be read as a series, or as a stand alone. Yes, it's that good.I have a confession. I wasn't sure if I would like Lucy's story, only for the fact that I loved Izzy and Black. Usually, nothing can top the first story of a series, but Lucy and Adrian gave it a run for their money. It was enjoyable and the perfect read for your next historical romance craving.