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The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale

The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale - Christine  Bell Posted on Book Chelle.Edit: Stormy Gale is a woman who was an orphan, with her brother, who was adopted by a time-traveler. They both inherited the tools to time-travel when their father passed away. One mistake landed them to the start of journey, losing a piece to prevent them from traveling. In 1836, how difficult would it be to obtain the missing piece from someone named Looney? This book was fast paced. While it offered a slow start to get to know the main character, Stormy, you are quickly dropped in the middle of the action. From there, you are brought into a chance meeting that puts you straight into a romantic rendezvous. And before you know it, the story has a happy ever after and "The End." Stormy was strong and reserved at first, but she quickly became the emotional, love-filled girl. In a book that was fast paced like this one, I'm not sure if it was for me. It made me want more. It made me want to know a little more about each character, where they came from, why things were the way they were. At the end, I was a little confused at how everything could just be left the way it was. The last third of the book seemed rushed. Like I said, quick.Original: More tomorrow. Short read. Very quick in a wham-bam-thank you, mam sort of way.