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Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger - Christina Lauren Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.4.5 starsIn my reading world, YA mostly takes up my time. So when I get the chance to read adult fiction, especially romance, it feels like a sweet escape. In the instance of Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Stranger, it was bliss. I adored Beautiful Bastard, Chloe, and especially Bennet, but there is something refreshing and untouched with Sara and Max. Beautiful Stranger definitely puts Christina and Lauren on the map not only for their swoon-worthy men, but forIn the follow up to the much loved Beautiful Bastard, Christina and Lauren introduce us to Sara Dillon and Max Stella. Sara has escaped a fiance that has cheated on her in both a public and private way. She has moved herself to New York to move on and reinvent her life. With her new outlook on life, she wants fun, no commitments, and to stay in control. This practically gets thrown out the window when she meets Max, a British entrepreneur. Meeting this irresistible man at a dance club should have been a quick flirtatious jaunt, but it quickly turned into something more.Sara is a strong woman. Her past has made her into this emotionally cold woman, protected by a wall around her heart. Her actions are calculated, until her emotions took control. No matter what Sara did, her heart won. I connected to her and her feelings, her struggles, and her goals.Max is someone that you fall in love with instantly. From the point where you realize he has a British accent, you just want to put him in your pocket. But Christina and Lauren did a very interesting thing with his character. He was first. First to fall in love, first to realize his feelings, and first to want it all. It’s rare to see that in romance. And I loved that.I really enjoyed Beautiful Stranger! I loved how Max was more emotionally vulnerable than Sara, to a point. I loved how Christina and Lauren showcased the similarities and differences between a man and a woman, when it comes to matters of the heart. The symbolism of parallels and contradictions weaved throughout the story was genius. The romance between Max and Sara, their complex personalities of the two individually went well with how they evolved when they’re together.Once again I was trapped into this contemporary world that Christina and Lauren built. I was an empowered female and an internally vulnerable male. I was hurt by a failed relationship and I was in love with a woman who only wanted me for my body. I became these two characters and lived their lives. I really appreciated that as a reader, these authors brought me deep into their world to the point where I forgot my own. It says a lot to me, and hopefully to you also.In today’s world of romance and erotica, there is a competition to be individual and unique. I feel that Christina and Lauren have achieved this, bringing a solid set of characters that stand out and leave lasting impressions. Their stories make you wish they were your own and their characters make our hearts race. Both Christina and Lauren have gone beyond my expectations. I was a fan in their days before publishing, but here, where their stories are their own, I will forever be a reader.I really enjoyed Beautiful Stranger, and I absolutely think you will also.