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Bad Boys Do

Bad Boys Do - Victoria Dahl Posted on Book Chelle.In Bad Boys Do, the second book of the Donovan Brothers Brewery, Victoria Dahl shows us how contemporary romance is done. In Good Girls Don't, the first book of the series, we were introduced to Jamie Donovan. He was portrayed as the irresponsible womanizing brother who, in Eric's eyes, was a complete screw-up. In Bad Boys Do, Dahl shows us a different side of Jamie. Jamie has distanced himself from his family, and it constantly causes tension within the business. He has dreams of expanding the brewery's tasting room into a pub, but he has to prove it to Eric first.Olivia Bishop is the opposite of Jamie. She is responsible, serious, and while she has an accomplished career, she is inexperienced in all social aspects of her life. While meeting at the brewery, a spark happens. This is one of the great things about Dahl's work. She sees the opportunity and presents us with the instant attraction. Olivia and Jamie spend the rest of the book with an agreement to teach each other about what they want the most. I loved Jamie from the beginning. He has a good heart but has so much guilt. He's strong and confident, charming and sexy. Olivia was a good counterpart. She's vulnerable and unsure of herself and is a perfect match for Jamie. Age difference? Who cares. Jamie will definitely show you some fun. And let me tell you, there are some amazing and steamy scenes in this book. Perfect and fitting for Jamie.Jamie was a character that was easy to relate to, or even empathize with. For me, he was a lot easier to love than Tessa. While Jamie had his faults, he also had this humble way about him. He saw his downfalls and sought out to fix them. Olivia, however, was someone I had to warm up to. I don't know women like her, and while I know they are out there, I felt that she resisted Jamie a lot. But when she finally warmed up to him, you can see her change. Victoria Dahl is amazing when it comes to setting the scene and filling the page with substance. I loved every word and simply couldn't get enough. There was a lot of depth into Jamie, and his story. At times, I cried over his past and the troubles that he has gone through. And then there is this scene that will simply break you. I warn you now. When I read it, my heart broke and I cried for Jamie. If you haven't read Bad Boys Do, or Good Girl's Don't, I highly suggest you pick them up today and make a place for yourself over at the Donovan Brothers Brewery. I cannot wait for Eric's story, Real Men Will.