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Destiny (Serendipity Series #2)

Destiny (Serendipity) - Carly Phillips Review posted on Dark Faerie TalesNash Barron and Kelly Moss share a connection. Within their unusual and dysfunctional family, they both feel like strangers. Theirs is a family amidst the process of healing and mending, mainly for Tess, the young teen who is a common thread for them both. Individually, they are doing the best that they can raising Tess, allowing becoming a part of everything. Ethan and his newly married wife, Faith, just went on their honeymoon, leaving Nash and Kelly to take care of Tess.Nash is the middle brother in this family of Barron boys. Ethan, Dare, and he were all raised separately, and Nash cannot come to grips for his forgiveness towards Ethan. The sudden death of his parents, and the abandonment of Ethan, left Dare and himself to live in seperate foster homes. For Nash, only sees the black and white of their situation, not allowing himself to grow from the pain. Instead, Nash festers on it, finding it hard to accept and embrace that Ethan isn’t the young teen who tore his life, and family, apart.Kelly raised Tess on her own. Their distant mother went into one marriage after another, eventually taking off without so much a care in the world. Kelly lives in shadows of her past, her mother’s past, and their secrets. Love and desperation forced Kelly to leave Tess on Ethan’s doorstep, and now she has finally followed to become a part of this unusual family. Nash and Kelly’s love is simple amongst the intricacies of their world. Their attraction was unexpected, and maybe even a little complicated because of their families. But they find solace being with each other, and a sense of peace. While it took a while to be sure of what they have, they found their relationship to be filled of friendship and a commitment towards Tess. Nash was different around Kelly, making him much more enjoyable as a character. I found that he was a little more human, than the brass and aggressive brother that he is towards everyone else.Phillips’ world is familiar, especially with a contemporary setting. Maybe the familial situation isn’t normal, but the feelings of betrayal, solitude, love, and kinship is. Each character in the Serendipity series had depth to them that doesn’t always exist in contemporary romance. Phillips always paces Destiny really well, despite the many bits of information for the reader to take in. As a reader, I felt a part of their town, their family, and their lives, easily a part of everything. Love is a huge part of Destiny, and the series. Phillips talks about many different forms of love, from the ups and downs of brothers, to the complications of unexpected love. Destiny is a great contemporary romance fitting for a weekend read. Phillips will take you on a roller coaster of emotions, ending with happiness and joy.