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Black Heart (Curse Workers Series #3)

Black Heart - Holly Black Review posted on Dark Faerie TalesHolly Black is one of my favorite authors. She knows how to write stories really, really well. Take for example the Curse Workers series. It’s a series of stories that has action, parnormal elements, and a romantic love story that has me clutching my heart. Black Heart was filled with heart-warming moments, unexpected twists, endless teenage angst, and just plain awesome. This was really the perfect ending to a wonderful trilogy. Cassel Sharpe has discovered many things about himself, his family, and his past in the last few books, but nothing as much as he has in Black Heart. Cassel is now involved with the Feds, helping them to get out of his own troubles, and he has dragged his brother along with him. Well, blackmailed is a better word. Aside from that, Cassel has his heart to deal with, working through the ups and downs with Lila. Cassel’s life is a collection of momentous events, all of which do not play in his favor. Many different people in the Curse Workers storyline view Cassel’s ability as a transformation worker in different ways. Everyone wants to use him for their own gain, and unfortunately Cassel is stuck in the middle. Cassel has grown throughout the three books. He struggles to between what are the right things to do; not only for him, for his family, but also for his friends. He has to think of others before he even thinks about himself. With all of the powerful enemies that Cassel has collected, it is fun to watch him outsmart them all. What I love about Black Heart is that the supporting characters play important roles. Sam has always been and always be Sam’s best friend, wingman, co-conspirator. Daneca is newer to the group, but has done her fair share to earn a trustworthy friendship. She is a little mysterious, and there are things that Cassel doesn’t approve of, but in the end, she is a great friend. Barron and Cassel have a lot of history together. Yes, they are brothers, but there’s this dark cloud that glooms over their relationship. He manipulated Cassel, Cassel blackmailed Barron. You know, that type of stuff. And then there’s Lila. Lila, to me, is the Black Heart’s plot picks up quickly, and doesn’t slow down. Black created this unique world with a fantastic culture that I can’t get enough of. I know that the Curse Workers series is a trilogy, but I only wish there was more. I loved how Black resolved all of the threads, and I really enjoyed the surprise at the end. I felt that Black Heart was a great conclusion to the series. A must read for everyone.