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The Goddess Inheritance

The Goddess Inheritance - Aimee Carter Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.The Goddess Inheritance by Aimée Carter is another anticipated book for me. After the crazy cliffhanger from The Goddess Interrupted, I felt starved of this story. It’s difficult to not be emotionally invested in these characters, especially after reading Carter’s own emotions into the book. It’s personal, and I can feel the emotion rising from the pages. From the end of Goddess Interrupted, several months go by. Kate is pregnant with Henry’s son, and still held captive by Calliope and Cronus. The inevitable happens and Kate delivers her and Henry’s son. Calliope takes their baby away, and in order to save her family, she must make a deal. Things look gloom for the goods and Cronus is on the verge of victory. There isn’t much hope left, no secret plans left to take action. It will be left up to Kate, and her love, to save them all.Kate must fight for who she loves, more than herself or Henry. Kate must dig deep within herself to go to a dark place, because that’s where she’ll get her strength. In The Goddess Inheritance, Kate has changed into this person with so much determination and gumption that it’s almost like she is a completely different person. But Kate is a mother now, and she will do whatever she must to save her family. I was angry at Henry through most of The Goddess Inheritance. He also changed, but I think for the worse. He went into this shell of insecurity and hid from his problems. It was like Henry already gave up. And in amidst everything that Kate was going through, Henry managed to hurt her even more. But I think I had to hate Henry to appreciate him. After two books of swooning over him, I had to see his flaws. And Carter had to show me that every single god had their own set of flaws. I devoured through the pages of The Goddess Inheritance, absorbing everything that Carter wrote. I was saddened with where she brought Kate and Henry, individually and collectively. There were so many dark moments that I didn’t know if I would feel the happiness that I felt from the other two books. I didn’t get lost in the world as I did in the previous books. There was a lot of plot to go through and with so much going on, I never took the time to appreciate the moment. As much as I loved this book and the rest of the series, I felt that Kate and Henry changed. I will accept natural progressions, but I felt that they changed in a way that I didn’t fully recognize them. Kate became emotional, to the point where it clouded her judgement. I thought she was a little too sensitive to everything around her. It was most likely justified, but I couldn’t connect to it. For Henry, I thought that he stepped away, or even disconnected himself from Kate and his emotions towards her. I missed their love, and their happy ending, but again, this was all probably on purpose. I still enjoyed the series and The Goddess Inheritance. I was emotionally tied to the book, despite if I felt connected in the moment or not. I enjoyed the action, the love, and definitely the hate. Great series, definitely a must read.