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The Mephisto Kiss: The Mephisto Covenant Book 2

The Mephisto Kiss: The Mephisto Covenant Book 2 - Trinity Faegen Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.Trinity Faegen’s Mephisto brothers have become one of my guilty pleasures. Fallen angels and the brothers of Hell, The Mephisto Kiss is the next book in this exciting series filled with supernatural elements and detailed mythology. I was surprised at how much I would love this series, the world that Faegen built, and especially the characters. There’s excitement around every corner with a great balance of emotional happiness and turmoil. Angst? Check!The Mephisto Kiss begins shortly after The Mephisto Covenant. In a plan to take down the government, Eryx has begun to infiltrate high levels of the cabinet. As part of the plan to coerce the President to join Eryx’ cause, he kidnaps the President’s daughter, Jordan. Coincidentally, Jordan is Anabo. The Mephisto must now intervene. And in a surprising twist, Jordan’s Anabo traits appeals most to Key.To be honest, when I was reading The Mephisto Covenant, I wasn’t paying attention to the brothers. It wasn’t until The Mephisto Kiss that I was fully aware of the brothers and who they were. Key, in particular, has become one of my favorites. As the designated oldest, leader, and overall person to look up to, Key has all the traits of someone so strong and someone so vulnerable. It’s always interesting to read a male heroine as one of the “weaker” elements of a story. There is something extra to pay attention to when that happens. Key is not only the constant in a story, but also a variable. His feelings, his past- everything plays a part in the story. And that all affects Jordan, their relationship, and the ultimate goal. Jordan is a high profile character. For her to be in the front line of a story is smart. There’s a different risk in her case, being Anabo, being immortal. It was nice to see how her life played into it and what the Mephisto did to adapt to the situations. Jordan’s voice was real and easily relatable. I enjoyed her growth as a character and hope to see her again. My favorite part about The Mephisto Kiss is the history between Key and Eryx. It surprised me, in a great way. The dynamic between the two is different from many other sibling relationships, but Faegen wrote this one with a twist. It was nice and refreshing, and I definitely enjoyed it. It was easy to get lost reading about the Mephisto, the lost souls, and the Anabo. The world, mythology, and culture that Faegen wrote is so detailed that you can’t help but be intrigued by it. It was easy to fall in love with the world, details and all. Match that up with the wonderful pacing, and you have a great story. I highly encourage you to read The Mephisto Kiss. It really delivers a whopping of a kiss!