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Midnight Frost

Midnight Frost - Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.I was given the opportunity to read Jennifer Estep’s Midnight Frost. As the fifth book in the Mythos Academy series, I feel that there is a little pressure to deliver something for everyone. Most readers who follow a series through five books have developed a love for the characters, joining a fandom if you will, and fan-girling with the person right next to you over the first few pages. As for me? I’m right there with all of the fan girls. I was excited and couldn’t wait to read about Gwen and her daring adventures. For Gwen, life hasn’t been normal for a while now. But for all of the twists and turns that have come her way, she has made life as average as the next person in Mythos Academy. When Gwen thinks she can take a moment to breathe, she is proven wrong. Reapers have tried to poison her, only to poison someone dear to her. The cure is a rare plant halfway across the country. Could Gwen find the plant in time to cure the poison? Or will she be walking right into the Reapers’ trap?Gwen Frost is a flawed heroine who has the heart of gold. She is one of the most loyal heroines I know. There are so many things to adore about her, but let me showcase this – Gwen is a person who will persevere. She has limitless possibilities of bravado and fervor. I have enjoyed reading how her character has developed into a young and lost teenager into Nike’s champion. Estep has managed to surprise me with Midnight Frost, and in book five! The setting was different, location-wise, theme-wise, just everything. But Estep brought along the familiar elements. She introduced new characters that interacted with old ones, and it just seemed to fit. A few of my questions were answered, but then it revealed so many secrets waiting to be uncovered. This world is constantly evolving, making it enjoyable to read. Not once did I tire of the characters or what was going on. I thought Midnight Frost was much more enjoyable than the others. There is fully developed world within Mythos Academy, one filled with developed characters as well as a well thought out plot. After the third book, Dark Frost, I felt drawn into this world that contained mythology and contemporary elements, married together into this harmonious place. But after reading Midnight Frost? It solidified my adoration for Estep and the series. Her words translated exquisitely onto the pages. Her characters have this depth and exclusive personalities, complimenting each other but standing out on their own. And her story solely draws me into this world that I believe to be real.I really urge you to read Midnight Frost. If you haven’t read any of the books in the Mythos Academy, then I highly suggest you do so. They’re great fantasy books filled with so much myth and folklore.