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Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer Posted on Dark Faerie TalesAndrea Cremer’s Wolfsbane picks up almost immediately after Nightshade. Calla Tor, of the Nightshade pack, wakes up in an unfamiliar place. She finds herself surrounded by Searchers, away from her pack and any familiar faces. Shay has been deemed the “Chosen One,” but the legacy, the clouded past, and the truth has yet to be uncovered. With new knowledge, cooperation, and a common goal, Shay, Calla, and the Searchers have plans to rescue Calla’s pack. In doing so, the searchers have hopes to uniting with the wolves as allies in their war against the Keepers and the Banes. In a world unknown to her, Calla must rise up to become the alpha she has always known she was meant to be.Calla is an alpha, but also a young teenage girl. For the amount of experiences that she has lived through in Nightshade and also in Wolfsbane, she has grown to be this young woman. She is intelligent, loyal, and definitely someone I would want to follow. Calla grows from her pain and those experiences, readjusts and moves forward. It’s not easy to be disconnected from her pack, her family, but she follows her instincts to make decisions never easy for a girl her age. It is a testament of her persona that people from both Guardians and Searchers are loyal to her. Alongside Shay and her allies, she has embraced the unexpected.Shay has become a little more aggressive. I’m not sure if it’s due to his new role of leadership, or what, but he has become pushy. He must be feeling a lot of pressure to fill in the shoes of being the Chosen One, and to lead his people to victory. Ren takes a backseat role in Wolfsbane. If you remember from the previous book, Nightshade, he helped Calla and Shay, and stayed behind to ensure their escape. Away from Ren, Shay seems to think about him more. Maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder? Or is it because of Calla’s duty to her fellow alpha? Calla is definitely still connected to Ren, and you’ll have to read Wolfsbane to find out why.Searchers, Guardians, Keepers become great supporting characters. Each group has their own sets of personalities, individually and collectively. In Wolfsbane, we really find out more about the history of the wolves, the humans, and the magic world. It's interesting to see how deep Cremer goes into creating this world. It's fascinating and interesting. I almost wish that there was a book based on their history! Maybe when Rift comes out, I'll see a little more into their history. Cremer has brought Wolfsbane into a different plot twist, cleverly weaving in new elements with hints of old ones. We find out more about the wonderful world that she has created, as well as learn about the undiscovered past of her detailed and intricate culture. Cremer’s writing is by far one of my favorite elements of the book. When reading Wolfsbane, and the other books of the Nightshade series, it is like time stands still. Surrounded by details, elements, emotions, and words, Cremer’s Wolfsbane is magical in itself. I appreciated that Cremer wrote Wolfsbane to be a different story with all the familiar story elements. It was refreshing and invigorating. There were definitely plot twists and surprises, emotionally-crushing moments, and definitely young love heart pangs. Wolfsbane has substance and everything is complex, well just plain amazing. And yes, even though there is a love triangle, I was happy to see that Calla was adult enough to make decisions fitting for an alpha.