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Slide - Jill Hathaway Review posted on Dark Faerie TalesJill Hathaway introduced me to Sylvia “Vee” Bell, a heroine with a special ability. Perceived to be narcolepsy, Vee has the ability to slide into other people’s minds, living their lives for a temporary moment. With the touch of any object that holds an excessive emotion connection, Vee can slide into that person without a moment’s notice, witnessing what they are doing and without any control over their bodies. Because of this ability, she has been casted as an outsider, shunned by former friends, and has brought her down the ranks of the high school social ladder. The first few pages gave me a glimpse of what Vee went through and introduced me to who she was as a character. She is a survivor, of more than just high school antics, but also growing strength from her daily ordeals. Vee not only has to deal with her ability, but also has to keep the peace at home. Her mother died when she was young, her father is a famous surgeon, and her sister is living her former life with cheerleading and the in-crowd. On a random night, normal like many others, Vee slides into an unknown mind. She sees her friend, one who has been having a lot of problems lately, but observes something very wrong. Vee sees her friend in a pool of blood, and the mind she has slipped into is holding the knife that killer her friend. Only Vee can solve the mystery, but who will believe her when she does? Hathaway has developed Vee into a character like none other. Her voice is mature for her age, and she wasn’t knee deep in high school cliches. Vee is intuitive, a fast-thinker, and is a likeable character. Slide’s other characters are the ever-so elusive males of the story. You have Rollins, Vee’s long time and loyal friend. He is distant and has his own secrets, definitely with a sense of foreboding. I have mixed feelings about Rollins. When Vee needed him the most, he started to pull away. Luckily, Zane shows up. He is the new student that allows Vee to escape from her problems and reality, even for a few moments. A mystery filled with psychological thrills and paranormal hints, Slide is much more than it is perceived. It’s like Hathaway knew that a reader’s imagination is their only barrier. Even if I thought that Slide was filled with a few superficial stereotypes, this story contains surprises at the turn of the page. To me, Hathaway filled the pages of Slide with the message that somewhere out there is something better, and for Vee, that something is worth fight for. I enjoyed this story, save for a few pages in the conclusion, but you’ll have to read to find out why.