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The Witness - Nora Roberts Posted on Big Girl Books.First of all, I must acknowledge that The Witness is Nora Roberts’ 200th book. Wow. Have you read all 200? Because I surely haven’t. Maybe one month, I’ll do it. I’ll ignore all of my responsibilities and just read all of her books. Maybe I could read them in chronological order! That sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it? *nods*Some of you may argue that Roberts’ stories has a recipe. A heroine with a past, a hero who will save the day, and conflict with a tidy resolution. Maybe, but that’s not why I read her books. Roberts’ books and writing always allow me to escape into her world. I become a part of the setting, the characters, and everything in between. Her writing allows me to become involved into her worlds, and it’s the best part of being a reader.Roberts did something different with The Witness. In the beginning, she wrote the heroine’s, Elizabeth Fitch, POV as a teen. The genius of Roberts is the way she sets up a character’s back story. A good part of the beginning was spent developing the heroine, which resulted into this deep connection with her. For the first part of Elizabeth’s life, her life was planned out for her. Her mother dictated what she would eat, what she would wear, and what she would do. A spontaneous night of rebellion results in a disaster, which begins the end of her life.From the title, you can already make assumptions of what the story is, but let me tell you, nothing will prepare you for what you’re about to read. The story line is unique, and the characters are different. Reading about Elizabeth and her story challenged the way I thought about my life. Would I do the same things? Would I say the same words? But that’s what I love about Roberts. Her writing forces you to think and feel.I cried for a good part of this book, but that could just be me. While I do love my sexy times, I also love the times of raw emotion. For me, an author’s writing is only as good as the emotions that are felt. Of course, we’re all passionate readers, we want to feel something – to be emotionally invested. Right?Okay, enough about that. Let me quickly talk about the hunky guy. I love a guy in a uniform. And Brooks? He’s a hunky guy who knows what he wants and will go for it. He’s a cop and he’s a man’s man who lives in a small town. Gah!The Witness was more about the story than the romance. I appreciated that. While there was a nice touch of sexy times, I’m happy that Roberts didn’t fill the story with unrealistic details and actions. I’m glad that Brooks was slow with Elizabeth. I’m glad that Elizabeth was clueless when it came to Brooks. It was a friendship of warmth and gentleness that led to a friendly romance. But don’t get me wrong, Roberts does not disappoint in the romance department.I highly urge you to pick up The Witness if you haven’t done so already.