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The Star Shard - Frederic S. Durbin Posted on Book Chelle.I don't read many middle grade books, but this one caught my attention. On occasion, I keep a look out for books geared towards the middle age group. I have many relatives and friends who have young ones, and it's always nice to give them a heads up.Frederic S. Durbin's The Star Shard is a fairy tale among fairy tales. The world is full of fantasy and wonder, perfectly fitting for this fairy tale. I was surprised at the amount of detail that went into Durbin's world. He went to the darkest corner and came out with a story about dedication and loyalty.Cymbril is a slave on the Thunder Rake, a merchant vessel that acts like a roaming city. To earn her keep, she performs as a singer and a musician, and manages to live a normal life. That is, as normal as a life for a slave can get. Her world turns upside down upon meeting Loric. Loric is not just any boy, but a fae.Cymbril is adventurous, filled with a curiosity of a cat. She is impulsive and acts before thinking. But fitting, isn't it? She is genuine and loyal, great for the awkward stages of someone her age. I quickly fell in love with her, despite our age difference. She showed me things that I haven't seen in a while. She was fun to get to know, and in my own way, I connected with her.Durbin builds a magical world, perfect for the imagination of a young child. It's hard for me to fully express how much awe I was in. The images described were vivid, the world outstanding, and the characters wonderful. I haven't read many middle grade books lately, but The Star Shard was refreshing. It was a nice break away from the words of emotional teenage angst.I was surprised to learn that The Star Shard originally began as a serial in a children's magazine. There is so much talent from Durbin, and it is great to know that talent like his does not go to waste.