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Unscripted - Natalie Aaron, Marla Schwartz Posted on Book Chelle.Unscripted by Natalie Aaron and Marla Schwartz is a fun contemporary fiction, set behind the scenes of reality television.Abby Edwards is a segment producer who can manage everyone's life but her own. For Abby, it seems like everyone knows their path in life except her. Her friends are successful, or happy and content about their own life. Her screenwriter ex-boyfriend has just released a movie, loosely based on their relationship, filled with (exaggerated) intimate details.Abby has a lot of insecurities and vulnerabilities, but that's why I connected to her so easily. Her inner dialogue is filled with quick wit and made of comedic win. Abby is loyal, but at times a little judgmental. I suppose, living in Los Angeles, and being in the "industry," you are expected to be a certain way. With that said, Abby's personality quirks were understandable.I felt that Unscripted had a strong plot. I liked the seamless writing between the two authors. They paced the story at a natural pace. The characters were well-rounded, and I definitely had my favorites. The subject was interesting and kept me interested while reading the book. There was a lot of detail that filled the pages of Unscripted. A lot of those details were based around the television shows that Abby was a part of, but I liked it. Aaron and Schwartz kept me entertained, and it helped build Abby's character as well as the others. I expected a little more romance than what Unscripted had to offer, but that was due to my own expectations from Carina Press. Also, I wish that the end wasn't so rushed. I want to know more than what was said.For lovers of chick-lit filled with romantic heart-felt moments and equally witty banter, I highly suggest Unscripted.